Tuesday, 20 March 2012

But Who the Hell are YOU!?

When I follow or connect with someone on twitter, I want to look at their bio so I can see more about them.

I've seen some really funny ones out there, and I wish my brain worked that far out of the box, but it doesn't. In some ways I'm glad, because by saying something like 'flying pink unicorns across the rainbow' or 'I'm just me' doesn't help me know whether I want to connect with you, or whether I can trust you.

With the rise in 'trolling' and the potential for meeting an unsavoury character through social media, we're all more and more aware of security. I know a fair few people who have had to protect their accounts because of people 'stalking' them through twitter. I myself have considered it because of somebody jumping on all the conversations I have with people and trying to 'steal' any business connections.

I refuse to however, as an aside, I fully believe in Karma, and by behaving in a devious way will only come back on you. And as I have said before, you have to be accessible, and protecting my account won't allow that.

Anyway, what I'm interested in is the 160 characters you've got to tell the world who you are and what you do. It's not easy to get your message across, and I change mine quite regularly. Social Media is all about engaging and listening, and your bio is one of the things that should be the first port of call for engagement. So here you go, this is how I formulate my bio:

I think about these 3 things, and try and write with them in mind.

1. This is my business,
2. This is my personality,
3. This is my interest outside work

My bio currently says:

I specialise in Social Media for small businesses. I'm a single mum of a 4 year old, an addict in recovery, and Ops for #4N Chepstow

I hope it gives people a flavour of me as well as my business, it should say I'm responsible, but I'm also human, and like you probably have, I've faced some hurdles along the way.

Try writing your new bio today, and send me a tweet so I can have a look!!!

Thanks for reading,

Helen xx


  1. Hiya, Site looks pretty and content interesing but I find it difficult to read with the image behind the text. Just thought I would let you know.

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback, it's the first comment I've had like that, where were you reading it from? If I get more comments of a similar vein, I'll have a think about changing it. Thanks for letting me know, and reading!

  2. Hey Helen, good article as Anon says the contrast is poor between text colour and pic in the background so might put visually impaired people off. But yes still shocked at people that have a 'business' Twitter account and don't have a bio!


  3. Hi Lee,

    Ok great, I'll have a look at changing it then! thanks for letting me know. re bios, I know right!?!?

    Best wishes

    Helen x