Friday, 20 April 2012

The Numbers Game

Oooo I think this one might create a little bit of controversy, but I'm gonna do it anyway!

I keep seeing things on twitter from people saying that when it comes to followers, it's quality, not quantity. As far as I'm concerned, that's rubbish.

Social Media is all about engaging with people, on whatever level that may be. Having 200 followers, means you are only engaging with 200 people. Having 2000 followers means your reach is a lot further. I want lots of followers, not because I want to look popular, but because I want to reach as many people as I can.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean I want to shout buy my stuff at them all the time, but if I've got 2000 followers, and I ask a question which requires an opinionated answer, then I'm much more likely to get a reliable reflection of a majority opinion. (does that make sense!?)

Also, as in face to face networking, when you are talking to someone on twitter, Facebook or google +, you have absolutely no idea who they are connected to. That's the beauty of it! The more people you follow, and the more people who follow you, the broader your snapshot of a worldwide conversation will be.

Another thing that occurs to me, is that as I keep saying, it's social networking, not business networking, you shouldn't be limiting yourself only to people you think will buy stuff off you, it doesn't work like that, and that attitude will only lead you to disinterest, you'll get bored, and then you will stop tweeting, and miss a huge marketing forum. It will also turn people off you.

I love love love following new people, and chatting to them, finding out what they're into and what makes them tick! I don't really care if they buy my stuff or book on my courses. Obviously I do share links to my courses etc, but I'm always pretty shocked when they do, and they do, because I'm not shouting buy my stuff. Sales will happen naturally from referrals, if you engage with people.

For me relationships with people are one of the things that intrigues me and makes me tick. I follow everyone and anyone that interests me, because they do just that!

Don't be elitist when it comes to twitter, don't be focused on selling, let it happen naturally, by engaging with people from all walks of life, you are increasing your reach, and you will most likely learn something from them.

Enjoy the process of conversing and getting to know people, it's the whole point!


  1. Hi Helen

    Thanks for your post. I agree that the more followers one has the better it is to obtain an opinion or information of some kind. Also more followers extrapolate to more followers definitely.

    However, loads of followers leave little time and space to engage with each and everyone. lack of engagement could be viewed as 'being taken for granted".

    Its a debate with no right or wrong answers. I guess most people cherish maximum number of followers out of a sense of pride or importance may be. Reminds me of the likes of Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan .


    1. Hi Neil,

      You engage with those who engage with you, and there is a right answer..... it's what's right for you and your business!

      For me, the more followers I have the more chance I have of getting my message out there, that's all it comes down to!

      Helen x

  2. I think the "quantity, quality" argument comes into it when thinking about an actual tangible return - for example, it would be easy for me to go out and buy 2,000 followers, but what use would it be? It wouldn't be.

    I would much rather have 200 targeted followers who I have built a relationship with and who are interested in what it is I'm talking about.

  3. I understand what you're saying, but it's about reach, buying followers is pointless, by getting followers, you extend your reach, and you never know who they know. It also depends what you're doing. You need to target people carefully yes, but never disregard or judge someone. And if you don't like what they're saying, just unfollow them!