Friday, 24 February 2012

Are you socially awkward? Where do you fit in?

There was some discussion on twitter the other day about what platform should be used for what, in reference to small businesses.

There is no doubt that some mediums better serve either the business to consumer (b2c) or the business to business (b2b) organisations, but where does yours fit in?

For two and a half years, I have run my own b2c businesses through social media. I have used both Facebook and twitter to expand and grow my 'reach' and have found both are very different for my purposes.

On Facebook, it was a place to leave photos and messages, and whilst I communicated with customers, it would normally be a point of contact leading to an email or phone conversation.

On Twitter, I would build relationships with people, and make sales through the medium rather than over the phone or through email.

The question is, which do I think is better for my business?

The answer is neither.

The question should be, which is better for my customer?

Each medium attracts very different personality types.

Twitter is faster moving and should not be relied on for people to say 'oooo isn't your cupcake pretty?' But for people to say 'how much is your cupcake, and where can I buy one?'

Facebook allows people to digest the information placed in front of them. It is a place where you can pitch and let people have a think.

Both Facebook and twitter are vital for all businesses, as you want to be accessible to all people. Don't you?

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